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It was a big day last Wednesday.

And while I of course ensured I didn’t end up being sent to the dog house by remembering to pick up flowers and a card, I’m not talking about the importance of Valentine’s Day either.

February 14 also doubled up as a special celebration for an area that we love.

It’s a place almost all of us reading this live. It’s where most of us probably work. And it’s a place we feel happy to call home.

West Norfolk is not only a fantastic part of our county but also a brilliant section of our country. So it was great to see the Love West Norfolk Day movement creating a great buzz on social media.

It got me thinking though. There’s plenty to love about sport in our area too. So what events and/or venues should we love the most?

There are so many that bring happiness to hundreds of people and others that bring thousands of people to the area.

If you really wanted it to, the list could go on and on.

The old West Norfolk Inter-Village games used to delight me when representing Terrington St Clement back in the day. A whole host of school sporting activities, especially athletics and cross country events, used to raise more than a smile in this ‘I wasn’t always a grumpy 30-year-old’.

I decided to ignore Lynn’s biggest sporting institutions – Town and the Stars, who have given me copious amounts of joy.

Perhaps I’d love the football club more had the original ‘Lynn’ not been wound up, while my love for our speedway side can sometimes go full circle – and that’s just in an evening.

No doubt all of you reading this will love something – be it a venue, a sport, a team you represent or support. But here’s four of my favourites.

It would be great to hear yours – let us know!