VAR made its English debut during the FA Cup tie between Brighton and Crystal Palace.Picture: THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION/SILVERHUB.

Everyone’s talking about the video assistant referee (VAR) system.

So here’s some of your best responses, and the poll results, from my take on it in last week’s column.

WE ASKED…What should football do about VAR? 

You voted…Keep it: 47%.   Scrap it: 53%

You SAID… 

@carloschipmunk: I get why people want it on the bigger stage. A mistake such as the one at the England v Germany game at the 2010 World Cup can see you on a plane home from the biggest competition in the world – but it’s got to be done right, not spend seven minutes on a clear decision. Would VAR have helped the ref in Sunday’s Liverpool v Spurs game? Personally, I’m not sure. Plus, it gave me such a laugh sitting watching the game with the brother-in-law who is a huge Liverpool fan. Ha!

@davelegg9: It’s all down to interpretation at the end of the day and is that not what the referee is doing now anyway?

@chapman198: Human error is one of the things that makes sport so great and being on the end of a wrong decision has always been part of football.

@mattnewstop: Scrap it. In the Confederations Cup it had an 85% fail rate. It was used for the whole tournament and proved to be a failure. Why take part of the game away? Any fast-flowing game can be slowed down using this system.

@Richiewizz: Need a further poll choice really. I guess I’d say keep it, but make it more fit for purpose (a choice we should have been given over Brexit!)

@robbo84_klfc: Seen the good and bad of it already. It should only be called upon in cases where the referee is in doubt and not as an excuse for players to demand it when they disagree with a decision.

@colin_gant: Many years ago, back when I played, the talking point in the bar or walking home was ‘that was or wasn’t offside, that was/wasn’t handball’. Do they want to take the excitement out of the game? It was all you talked about from the game. You win or lose some decisions, that’s the game I remember.

@mucca1993: There’s too much money in the game for the wrong decisions to be made when a team can be relegated from the Premier League for one lost point or on goal difference. The system needs smoothing out but it works in nearly every other major sport and will in football as well.

@andywilson1977: Keep it. It’s only a trial and I’m sure with a few tweaks they can get it spot on. We’ve been saying for years refs at the top level need help, so now’s the time to trial and get it right.

@chrisg9NC: It amazes me how everyone’s been clamouring for it for years, now everyone wants rid! If they do scrap it (they won’t) everyone needs to stop hammering referees.

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