Charlie Lavvaf, front, presents games consoles to Rudham ward staff with his mother Alison Hipkin, third from back and father Pete Lavvaf, back centre, and sister Evie.
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Children who attend hospital with their poorly siblings have games consoles to keep them occupied thanks to a Snettisham family.

The family decided to fundraise as they spend time at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital  with their three-year-old daughter Evie, who has a rare genetic disorder.

Eight-year-old Charlie Lavvaf often joins his father Pete and mother Alison Hipkin when Evie has treatment for Rhizomelic Chondrodyslasia Punctata. She is often admitted to Rudham ward at the King’s Lynn hospital with respiratory infections.

Inspired by Charlie, his parents decided to raise money to buy games consoles and other equipment for siblings.

Ms Hipkin said: “When Evie is ill our first thought is to pack her bag and get here quickly, so unfortunately sometimes we do forget to bring something for Charlie.

“We feel for the siblings who come into hospital with their brothers and sisters so we thought it would be nice to have something here for them and that is why we wanted to buy the consoles. Charlie is the driving force behind this idea.”

Charlie was delighted to hand over the items with his parents.

He said: “I think it is good for other brothers and sisters to have these. I think they will help to take their minds off what is going on.”

Hospital chief executive Jon Green thanked the family.

He said: “The donations of money and games consoles are going to make a tremendous difference to the siblings who will be accompanying their families into hospital.”