REVIEW: Jack and the Beanstalk, Sunday December 10 at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange. Running until Sunday December 31. Box office: 01553 764864

Review by Jamie Read

I am not the biggest fan of Christmas – there I’ve cleared the air and said it.

However, the one thing that I have found actually gets me into the spirit of this festive season is a good ol’ pantomime.

They’re generally a bit of fun with some of the worst, yet funniest jokes you can come across.

For King’s Lynn this year, Jack and the Beanstalk is the chosen story.

I’m sure most know the story, especially since its announcement it has likely been the stalk of the town.

The tale of a young boy saving a town from a giant in the sky after using some magic beans is kept in this performance, but adapted slightly.

Rather than just being a re-telling of the story most know, the cast bring it to life.

Returning from last year’s performance were Ian Marr, Scott Cripps and Charles Dennett. The three had key parts in the show and once again impressed.

Ian Marr and Scott Cripps had a fantastic chemistry on stage, playing Dame Trott and Simple Simon respectively. Many of the performances laughs came from these two.

Former EastEnders actor Ian Reddington marvellously portrayed the villainous henchman of Giant Blunderbore, Fleshcreep. His acting was brilliant along with his surprising audience interaction.

Other members of the cast were also very good, giving  accomplished performances.

The show in all had a very professional feel to it. From the beanstalk which had Jack, Rebecca Lisewski, singing on top, to an actual giant on the stage.

I would have been impressed with this at a London show, let alone King’s Lynn’s pantomime.

The costumes, stage and music were once again fantastic.

The music is a range of musical songs and modern chart hits including Gravity from West End show Wicked.

My favourite part of the night came courtesy of Ian Marr singing to the family cow Clarabelle a version of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, or Shape of Moo. I was honestly crying with laughter.

Clarabelle was a lovely addition to the show and funny herself. According to the programme she was played by Daisy Meadows the cow who trained at the “Dairy Moosical Theatre School in Devon”.

Impressing adults and children throughout, if you haven’t bean to see Jack and his friends, I’d recommend that you do.