Staff from Lynn’s port help move the wooden buoy to True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum. Picture: Kevin Elfleet

An old wooden buoy which is more than 100-years-old has returned to West Norfolk.

It had been at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, which acquired it in 1982 from the King’s Lynn Conservancy Board.

Weighing in at half a ton, the buoy now rests at Lynn’s True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum.

Lindsey Bavin, museum manager, said it was one of the last wooden buoys to be used in the River Great Ouse.

“It is one of a kind,” she said. “We got it to a certain point with a crane but we didn’t want to lift it over the listed-building cottages and museum.”

Staff from Associated British Ports (ABP) in Lynn helped to move the buoy near to the museum’s fishing smack, without damaging it.

“They were the best people to advise us on how to move it without causing damage and were willing to provide the man power,” Miss Bavin said.

The buoy now sits in an upright position to allow  conservation work to take place.

Miss Bavin explained: “We are hoping to officially unveil it early next year after a conservationist has worked on it. But we don’t know how much work is going to be involved yet.”