Luke Johnson, right, with Audi area manager Fraser Burdett. Picture: Michael Fysh.

GOLF: There’s no chance of starting to wind down for Christmas just yet for King’s Lynn golf professional Luke Johnson.

The PGA EuroPro Tour player is switching to the China Pro Tour next year after seeing his world ranking rise from 1,866th at the end of last year to a peak of 1,535th this year.

He completes his 2017 schedule with a trip to the sun to play in Jamaica, aiming to add another top 10 finish to the five he has already gained this year.

“The last few months have been very solid, all season I’ve been there or thereabouts,” said Johnson. “All that’s been missing is a win. I finished ninth in Tour championships, which summed the year up really – good but close to being great.

“From this I’m taking the positives from the season though and will use all the experience I’ve gained this year to become better for next.”

The Your Local Paper-sponsored golfer is looking forward to playing in the Caribbean before knuckling down to raise the funds he needs to compete in the Far East.

“It’s an incredible opportunity being able to try my game in Jamaica and I’m really looking forward to getting out there.”

He needs to raise about £15,000 before May to fund his switch to the China Tour and explained: “China is a different avenue to the top. It’s all about capital with a Tour like that so, as well as preparing my game, I’m also trying to raise the capital to go. I really enjoy what I do, so want to start travelling further afield and see if my game adapts better in different conditions.

“This season has really been a turning point. I’ve been solid and I’m learning so much about my game.

“Breaking through and playing some challenge tour events this year was a great experience and I realised that I am good enough to compete at the highest level.”

But there is no resting on his laurels with Johnson keen to keep adding new aspects to his game and improve his consistency.

“You’re always learning in golf and this winter I will be working on getting the swing as good as it can be.

“I’ve changed putting coaches recently and I really do trust Craig Ferris and what we’re doing. I’m looking forward to winter and what 2018 brings.

“I will be sitting down after Jamaica and writing the goals down I wish to achieve.”

Johnson got a boost to his ambitions this week with a new sponsorship deal with King’s Lynn Audi. He will be driving an S5 Sportsback and said: “It’s a great privilege to be associated with such a well established brand and I sincerely thank Fraser Burdett and his team at King’s Lynn Audi for this exciting opportunity.”