Crews tackle a blaze at Baco-Compak on Monday. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

Around 1,000 tonnes of waste is expected to carry on burning for a few more days after a blaze in Bawsey on Monday.

Fire crews were called to Baco-Compak waste recycling site shortly after 7pm and used jets and hydrants to battle the blaze, which was originally 4,000 tonnes of waste.

Plumes of smoke could be seen across the area and residents were warned to keep their windows and doors closed and to stay indoors.

A statement on behalf of all the agencies dealing with the blaze, which includes Norfolk Fire and Rescue (NFRS), Norfolk County Council, West Norfolk Council, Norfolk Police and the Environment Agency, said: “NFRS will oversee a controlled burn. Firefighters will remain on site 24 hours a day. No signs of pollution have been observed in local rivers or ground water.”

Firefighters have been using a grabber to collect and submerge parts of the pile in water before moving it away.

An updated report issued on Wednesday said crews would be working continuously and estimated it would take three days to complete the task.