The YLP winning wedding picture of newlyweds Carl and Ellie Weatherall with Mrs Weatherall’s daughters Hope and Isla Garrod, right.

Charity-minded youngster Isla Garrod has donated a competition cash prize win to help less fortunate children.

A photograph sent to Your Local Paper by Isla’s mum, Ellie Weatherall, of South Wootton, was judged the winner of £50 our YLP on Tour summer holiday competition.

Mrs Weatherall sent the family snap of her wedding to Carl in Crete on July 28.

After hearing about the win, eight-year-old Isla asked if the money could be donated to help children at a school in Ghana.

Her grandmother Rosemarie Farr contacted YLP and said: “I picked Isla up from school that day and when she saw her family photo had won the competition, she immediately said she wanted the prize money to go to Asawasi school.

“Her family thought this was a lovely idea.”

Pupils at South Wootton Junior School had been given a talk in assembly by teacher Sarah Jay, who had visited Asawasi Primary School and wanted to help the children.

The pupils were told the children didn’t have pens and paper and faced many difficulties.

Mrs Weatherall told YLP: “Isla asked me and I said yes. We had all had a nice holiday and thought it was a lovely idea to give the money to the school.”

Isla has written a thank you letter to YLP with the help of Miss Jay.

It said: “I am Isla Garrod, aged eight, and on November 3 I saw in YLP that our family wedding photo in Crete had won £50 in your competition.

“At school that day at South Wootton Junior School, Miss Jay, one of our teachers, had told us about her visit to Asawasi Primary School in Ghana.

“She had been helping the children there who now don’t have pen and paper. I told my family that I would like the prize money to go to help these children and my family thought it was very  kind and agreed.

“So, with Miss Jay’s help, the prize money is going to Asawasi school to buy pens and paper.

“Thank you for the prize money”.

Isla and her five-year-old sister Hope were bridesmaids for their mum.

Mrs Weatherall said to her surprise, three of the wedding guests had also packed copies of the same YLP edition in their cases.