Youngsters found clues to help with their weather charts. Pictures: Tony Jones

Despite a dull and chilly morning, a group of youngsters brought some sunshine to Reffley Wood.

Around 20 children kicked their way through the autumn leaves as they took part in a weather trail on Tuesday.

Organiser Amy Ranger, who runs the Under 5s Out and About group, said: “We had a brilliant morning learning all about the different types of weather.

“When everyone arrived we made some weather charts and followed a trail where I had put some clues in the trees as to what the weather was going to be and then the children turned their charts to the right weather.

“We also made some wind streamers to test the direction of the wind or to play around and have some fun with.

“We also talked about the pine cones and how they close when the weather was damp and we sang songs like Here Comes The Thunder.”

The children enjoyed using a parachute to bounce white snowball pom-poms and finished the session by creating a rainbow with different coloured paper they found hidden in the woods.

A festive-themed event will be held on Tuesday, December 5. For more information see the Under 5s Out and About page on Facebook.