This week we continue our newly released album review with
Niall Horan – Flicker

Review: Jamie Read.

It’s time to tick off another album in the list of One Direction single artists.

We’ve seen Zayn, we’ve seen Harry Styles and now it’s Niall Horan.

I was never a One Direction fan and probably, unfairly, I viewed Niall as the baby-faced band member.

He never struck me as a big artist, despite being in arguably the biggest boy band since The Beatles.

When he released Slow Hands, which is on this album, I held out even less hope for his single push.

Yet now he’s introduced a full album – Flicker. There’s more to it than the ironically slow single release and a chance for a big step into a limelight that he didn’t have with band mates.

The music on the album is that of a singer/songwriter: open-hearted, slow but also moving.

Something like Paper Houses leaves his voice to be judged, because the music makes it the focus. His voice is good and works well against the lyrics.

Too Much To Ask really impressed me. I think the fact that Horan’s Irish accent flooded the chorus, rather than just a singing voice, added lots of character to the track.

The title song actually really impressed me.

It had a whiff of acoustic to it but mainly, named Flicker, the lyrics almost did that. Think of this as onomatopoeia, but in song.

The backing music of Mirrors was upbeat. I didn’t think Horan’s voice was maybe right for this track, but I enjoyed it.

His voice does combine well with Maren Morris on Seeing Blind – a real ‘sitting round the fire’ kind of song.

Overall, it was good. Horan got the chance to be complete front and centre – even if the album seemed to me like a mix of Ed Sheeran and Ronan Keating.

Overall star rating: 3.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Seeing Blind, Too Much to Ask, Flicker