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Your old bathroom towels could make a difference to the lives of hundreds of sick and injured seals, ducklings and hedgehogs and other wildlife in West Norfolk.

The  RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre needs more than 10,000 towels and face cloths a year to help treat its many patients.

Following the success of last year’s towel appeal, staff are urging for people to clear out their cupboards and donate again.

Towels and face cloths help to prevent the spread of disease, with a fresh one needed every time a seal in the centre’s isolation unit is given medication or food.

Almost 7,000 towels have been used to look after 134 seals, with a further 3,000 towels needed to care for 437 ducklings so far this year.

Meanwhile, tiny hedgehogs need face cloths to keep warm and comfortable.

With 548 hedgehogs already visiting the centre so far this year, 3,800 cloths have been used.

Alison Charles, centre manager, said: “While the towel might just seem like a common everyday item for many people, for us they are like gold dust and are really important for our day to day work.

“Sadly though, the generous supplies we have been given have dried up.”

Old towels can be dropped off at Tesco in Hardwick Road,  King’s Lynn, Swaffham, and Dereham or left in the yellow bins outside the East Winch centre.

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