Three new orders, which restrict drinking in some public places in parts of West Norfolk, came into force this week.

West Norfolk Council has published the Public Spaces Protection orders for King’s Lynn, Hunstanton and Downham Market.

While the orders do not ban drinking alcohol, they do impose restrictions on consumption where it is causing, or is likely to cause, alcohol-related anti-social disorder.

The new orders for Downham Market and Hunstanton also contain some amendments to previous restrictions to take into account new housing developments.

A council spokesman said the order in Lynn has been extended to cover areas where there have been alcohol-related problems.

Ian Devereux, West Norfolk Council cabinet member, said: “We want to ensure we have some mechanism that means people who are drinking and causing alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in our town centres in a way that adversely affects others’ way of life could be asked to stop drinking or surrender their drinks.

“The consultation we held earlier this year when we were considering making these orders told us that our residents are overwhelmingly in favour of us having these powers.”

The new orders will remain in place for three years.

The order for Hunstanton includes the main promenade areas, town streets and recreational areas.

In Downham, included is the town centre and outlying areas such as Downham Academy and the leisure centre.

In Lynn, the restrictions include the main town centre streets, area around the cinema, railway and bus stations and The Walks. Maps can be seen  online at