Eastgate Academy’s new meditation and mindfulness classroom. Pictures: Tony Jones

Mindfulness and meditation is a key part of pupils’ education at Eastgate Academy in King’s Lynn.

The new focus is thanks to the completion of a new meditation room at the school.

The zen area for meditation classes comes complete with mood lighting and a bubble machine.

Head teacher Linda Hothershall said: “We wanted to give them something they can use to calm down. It all came from talking about their health and how we, as a school,  can help.”

The school already has a teacher trained in meditation, Tracey Hewitt.

Having taught mindfulness and meditation in the school hall for the past year, staff wanted to find a quiet area to dedicate to the class.

Mrs Hothershall revealed: “The room is actually the old toilet dating back to the 1960s. We wanted a wooden cabin but when we got the planning permission it was just too small.”

The refurbished room now boasts a calm ambience which pupils are already benefitting from.

Mrs Hothershall added: “One of the girls came to me and said ‘I slept really well last night’ after her class.

“One boy said it is the best decision we have ever made.”

Currently year five and year six pupils are taking the classes in small groups of ten. Introductory sessions last 45 minutes, then classes will go down to 30 minute slots twice a week.

Mrs Hothershall said the school hopes to open the classes to year 4 in the near future.

Children who take part in the school’s ‘Thrive’ social and emotional programme will also use the facility,

The room was created as part of a priority for the school thanks to a combination of fundraising efforts and the school budget.

The school hopes since the introduction of the mindfulness and meditation classes pupils will see an improvement in their behaviour and grades.