This week we continue our newly released album review with
Anastacia – Evolution

Review: Jamie Read.

For many people older than me, a pair of red sunglasses is synonymous with a completely different pop act – one Elton John

However, growing up in the noughties for me the red sunnies was a staple of Anastacia.

She was never the biggest pop act of a generation, but she found great success with Left Outside Alone, I’m Outta Love and Not That Kind.

Despite these hits, there was a period where she was absent from the music scene – at points sadly because of poor health.

Now though, her seventh album Evolution has brought her back into the limelight.

Anastacia always seemed like she could do a sustained power ballad or two and Stamina is ironically just that.

Her voice has always, in my opinion, been tremendous. It’s like you can feel that’s she’s singing. The rise and fall of her voice is so suited to her song Pain. She speaks of feeling another’s agony which she really makes the listener feel.

“Heartbeats fade away, almost been erased. Nothing stays the same. ‘Cause I can feel your pain.”

Backing music of her tracks has always been a key element of her fortunes. On Nobody Loves Me Better the song’s intro and pre-chorus are both very good backing tunes. Not everything was as good as the old stuff.

Redlight is a bit sickly-sweet in its delivery, a gospel backing not really enhancing its chorus. I also felt like Why was a show tune – a bit over-the-top for the sake of a final curtain.

Mostly, however, Anastacia’s strong and powerful voice was once again in full fettle.

She’s unlikely to reach her noughtie’s heights – but it is a welcome alternative to some of today’s chart toppers.

Overall star rating: 3/5

Songs to play on repeat: Stamina,
Pain, Nobody Loves Me Better,
Caught in the Middle