Richard Plagmann and the team at Rainbow Pharmacy

Community pharmacy teams in Norfolk are this week starting to offer free NHS flu jabs.

Last year the flu season saw nearly one million people have their jab administered in a community pharmacy.

As part of the NHS Flu Vaccination Service, all adults aged 65 and over, and those aged 18 or over and in clinical risk groups, can receive a free-of-charge NHS flu jab at community pharmacies across Norfolk, often without an appointment.

Richard Plagmann, of the Rainbow Pharmacy at South Wootton said: “As a community pharmacist, I am really excited about the start of this year’s Flu Vaccination Service. I have been offering vaccinations and other public health services for several years and my patients have been extremely positive.

“Last year, we vaccinated 483 patients and I’m really hoping to beat that this year. There is so much that community pharmacists and their teams can do to help people with their medicines and their health.”