This week we continue our newly released album review with
The Script – Freedom Child

Review: Jamie Read.

There are many good pop acts that seem to thrive because their music is ridiculously addictive. 

In the past we have seen Take That, Westlife and Girls Aloud all triumph over the music charts with a song that gets stuck in your head like chewing gum to your shoe.

While the noughties has slowly moved away from the power of pop, there are still some acts that have that power – enter this week’s new album artists, The Script.

The Irish band were introduced in 2008 with two very compulsive listens: Talk You Down and Breakeven.

As they enter a fifth studio album with Freedom Child, they still have that aura around their music.

The big single release of this album is Rain. It’s got a melodic pre-chorus that leads into some acoustic guitar which has you hooked. The way that lead singer Danny O’Donoghue’s voice feeds across the music is like a sweet enchantment.

On Rock the World and also Freedom Child, it’s the arena pleasing sounds that emanate and make you want to stand up, dance and sing-out.

The backing music has a tempo designed to keep you charmed – as does No Man Is an Island.

While the addictive pop music is The Script’s fall back, it’s not carried into every track.

Arms Open is one of the dullest tracks I’ve listened to this year, Mad Love never gets going and Awakening should have remained asleep in my opinion.

I did like the message of unity and tolerance of Divided States of America – even if it was more cheesy pop than necessarily being hard-hitting.

Overall, the album feels like it sticks completely to the same Script – in both senses of the word.

Overall star rating: 2.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: No Man Is an Island, Rock the World, Freedom Child