This week we continue our newly released album review with
French Montana – Jungle Rules
Review: Jamie Read.

An artist can have a successful release without necessarily having the greatest singing voice that the world has ever seen. 

For instance, Robbie Williams is no Pavarotti, but that doesn’t matter. His music has always taken on the idea that melody is truly important and it’s seen him become a pop megastar.

Switch across to the world of hip-hop and French Montana is quite similar.

An artist with a more limited voice than some others, very auto-tuned too, but in the grand scheme of this album it doesn’t matter too much.

For French Montana focuses on the importance of melody and the music behind the vocals on Jungle Rules.

The main single release from this album has been Unforgettable, featuring Swae Lee. It is a track with a very addictive hook

Once again, there’s another release that features The Weeknd. His more falsetto sound complements that deeper voice of Montana. Personally this was my favourite on the album.

There is an assortment of featuring artists on Jungle Rules: Travis Scott, Pharrell, Quavo, Future – to name just a few.

Bring Dem Things, featuring Pharrell, has a 90s sound to it – once again showcasing the importance of the beat behind the words.

No Pressure, with Future, covers some controversy he faced and the featuring artist is once again well used.

However, some tracks do have meaningful words. On Famous, Montana discusses his worries at being a celebrity figure and the fact that fame can change people.

I think his vocals have their shortcomings, but featuring artists and the focus on the backing music really makes up for that.

Star rating: 3.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Unforgettable, A Lie, Jump, No Pressure