This week we continue our newly released album review with

Kesha – Rainbow 

Review: Jamie Read.

It’s been a few years of battling for Kesha as the artist fought to be released from a recording contract. 

She went to court looking to be released from her record label claiming she suffered years of abuse at the hands of producer Dr Luke Will. She received much public support, – especially on Twitter with #FreeKesha trending, but her court request was denied and she was made to stay in her contract.

Despite this, Kesha has managed to produce Rainbow – an album which takes elements of this struggle and builds them into a deep album.

This release is no longer Ke$ha who released Tik Tok, but a bigger and stronger artist.

Opening with B*****ds, Kesha  addresses the people she sees as mean and questions why they bother to get other people down.

On Woman, Kesha has created a song with female empowerment. Her use of swear words shows the emotions behind this release and is, in my opinion, well warranted.

“I’m a m***********g woman, baby, alright. I don’t need a man to be holding me too tight.”

She finds peace on Praying as she addresses her long legal battle and tries to let go of what’s happened and be the one in control of her fate.

This mind-set continues on Rainbow as she vows to herself to have a positive outlook.

“Trust me, I know, life is scary. But just put those colours on, girl.”

The album also features Dolly Parton and an amazing song about Godzilla.

Last year there was much critical acclaim about Beyonce’s Lemonade album and this year, Kesha deserves the same applause for her album, Rainbow.

Overall star rating: 5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Woman, Praying, Rainbow, Godzilla