Main: Busted’s Matt Willis performs a jam-packed Festival Too. Picture: Paul Tibbs

REVIEW by Jamie Read:


Festival Too, King’s Lynn

Saturday, July 15

At the start of the millennium, there were not many artists bigger, better or more popular than Busted.

The band found quick success with two albums in 2002 and 2003 respectively, then broke teen-pop hearts and split.

But after creating supergroup McBusted in 2014 – with McFly – the band got back together in 2015 and released a new album last year.

They returned with a massive stadium tour, including Wembley and the O2 Arena.

So it’s not unfair to say that their headline performance of Festival Too must be seen as one of the biggest coup in its 32 year history.

As the trio of Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne opened with hit song Air Hostess, the Lynn Market Place erupted.

The band’s catchy older pop-punk impressively filled the town.

Fans sang until they could sing no more as they joined in with Busted for tracks such as Crashed the Wedding, Sleeping With the Light On and Who’s David.

The newer work, from Night Drive, is more synth driven than its predecessors, but a fun contrast to the older material.

I really liked On What You’re On, a track which is in keeping with the current music chart.

It was great seeing how busy the festival was. Personally, for me, the nostalgia of such a huge act brought all of my friends together for one stellar evening.

This social aspect makes Festival Too so good. Friends and free music – fantastic.

The night closed with Busted taking Lynn to the Year 3000 and then performing Those Days Are Gone – a  big track from the old Busted followed by one from the new.

It was the ideal way to close a musical evening that was surely one of Lynn’s biggest ever.