West Norfolk Mind is about £4,000 better off thanks to the day-long efforts of these charity football players. Back, from left: Connor Jackson, Robert Jackson, Harry Shepherd, Jamie Griffin, Peter Kitchen, Dan Campbell, Robbie Mitchell, Luke Corcoran. Front: Adrian Hill, Matty Prudence, Matthew Gibb, Alex Forth, Sam Penniston, Dan Oakley, Joe Jackson and Conor Easey. George Hutton also took part.

FOOTBALL: Goalscoring was not a problem for two teams playing a day-long charity match at Lynnsport.

Penny Wood Recycling’s team proved successful, coming out on top 354-314 against Studio20a.

But both teams were on target when it came to raising funds, with West Norfolk Mind benefitting from about £4,000.

Organiser Sam Penniston said: “That was the longest 24 hours of my life! It was all worth it though.

“The players were all amazing, on and off the pitch. Despite the heat, the blood, the blisters and the muscle injuries, they carried on anyway and more than doubled the target.”

He also thanked everyone who had supported the event, including the fans, Emily Blake, Alive Lynnsport, Studio20a, Double G Clothing, Morrisons, Tesco and Priors of West Lynn.

Former King’s Lynn manager Keith Rudd spoke of his experience of mental health and gave some words of advice to the players.

To make a donation, email sam.penniston@pennywoodrecycling.co.uk