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Review: Jamie Read.

For some people, probably of my tender age, TLC are best known for their No Scrubs song.

It’s one of those really catchy tracks that really stands the test of time.

Since that initial 1999 release however, the band has lost member Lisa Lopes who died after a car crash.

This is the first TLC album without her, leaving members Tionne Watkings and Rozonda Thomas.

Their self-titled album opens in a rather playful manner.

Ironically, No Introduction introduces the album work and tells the listener straight away that the band is back.

“Call my girls up (we back).”

It’s good R&B from the get go here, the first song sets an impressive tone for the rest of the album.

Snoop Dog is introduced as the album’s big featuring artist on Way Back. His style is relaxed and it complements that of the girls.

It’s the very start of Haters that makes me love the song. The opening of the song has a distinctive tune which carries into the backing of the entire song. It’s a song of real girl power.

I’ve felt before that some comebacks from groups were best left not coming back. That in an ever-changing music scene, tastes have changed.

But, TLC does not feel out of place in the current chart with this album.

It has a fresh feel to it and the songs are passionate and memorable.

This is down to the music of the tracks. It all carries a particular style, but is different enough – towards the back American Gold and Joy Ride are good.

The duo has said that after this release they won’t be splitting again and will continue to make music.

After this release we should all seriously be thankful for that.

Overall star rating: 4/5

Songs to play on repeat: Way Back, Haters, American Gold, Joy Ride