Rockers Elbow performed at Thetford Forest as part of the Forestry Commission events.

REVIEW by Jamie Read:


Thetford Forest

Thursday, June 29

It should come as no surprise to music fans that the contemporary sounds of Elbow gelled beautifully with the unique setting of Thetford Forest. 

The very personal music that Elbow delivers was a fine running partner to the equally intimate venue.

From the moment that Guy Garvey, Elbow’s majestic front-man, erupted on stage it was clear Thetford Forest would be in for a treat.

Garvey has arguably one of the most recognisable voices in British music.

It’s strong, bellowing and eloquent in delivery – quickly able to make a statement that the band had come here for both them and the crowd to enjoy themselves.

He was jokey with crowd members, made the audience move their hands in random directions and even sang to the forest itself.

“Trees were made for breathing.”

Aside from Garvey’s stand-up comedy, his singing was pretty good too.

He’s almost lackadaisical in his approach to singing – he’s laid back and the words come naturally, whether this is on Grounds for Divorce or My Sad Captains.

The lyrics are complex and intricate, painting some of the most vivid imagery in music.

There was an assortment of music across all of Elbow’s albums, including the 2017 release Little Fictions.

Off this new album it was Gentle Storm I liked the most, which on the night was dedicated in memory of Mike Taylor, whose idea these concerts were, but died in 2015.

The night concluded with the biggest hit, One Day Like This – which posseses my favourite guitar riff from the noughties.

With arms raised, Garvey got the crowd to sing the song’s outro themselves and conclude a very special evening.