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This week we continue our newly released album review with
Imagine Dragons – Evolve

Review: Jamie Read.

The differences in music from across the pond and the popularity of an artist are fascinating.

American band Imagine Dragons have little presence in the UK, but enough of one stateside to be the soundtrack to a comedy show.

Their On Top of the World was used for TV show Partners in 2012 and was my first taste of the band.

Since then, the song has gone on to be a popular track in the UK – yet strangely the band has not.

Imagine Dragons are not a household name on British shores.

Evolve is the band’s third studio album and with such a title you might imagine a change in the band and a chance to expand.

One track on this album that’s likely to be noticeable to listeners is Thunder. The song has already seen good airtime in the UK. I find the track to be different from other pop-rock. It’s got some slow verses but an effective chorus using onomatopoeia.

The percussion of the album is its strongest asset.

Tracks such as Yesterday, Mouth of the River and Believer all use this to their strength.

The music is middle of the road and won’t be pushing boundaries but I found it fun to listen to.

I’m always a fan of more upbeat pop-rock because it’s less common.

There is, however, a certain style to the band. The positive rock and distinctive vocals from lead singer Dan Reynolds creates a distinctive ark.

It’s a good format, but it does hinder the album in terms of truly memorable tracks.

I enjoyed Evolve, but I think there’s still a certain amount of development needed for Imagine Dragons.

This is not to say the music is bad, but there is certainly room to improve.

Overall star rating: 2.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Believer, Rise Up, Thunder, Start Over