This week we continue our newly released album review with
Nickelback – Feed the Machine

Review: Jamie Read.

When Nickelback debuted How You Remind Me in 2001, they sounded fresh and original.

The voice of lead singer Chad Kroeger was immediately distinctive, it sounded like a voice of a rockstar – ironically a 2006 smash-hit for the band.

As well as these two tracks, Nickelback has seen great success with Photograph and Burn It To The Ground. 

Yet there are many rock fans who don’t care for Nickelback.

There’s the belief that the band’s music is unoriginal, unimportant and they’re seen a proverbial cash cow for record companies.

But does their new release, Feed the Machine, give way to change that view?

Well, in short, no.

Feed the Machine is another Nickelback album that sounds like any one of the others.

The band opens with the title track and you immediately know nothing has changed, nothing is different.

Coin for the Ferryman follows this and is no better. Neither is Song on Fire or Must Be Nice.

Slow song After the Rain continues the theme of mediocrity.

For the River has a nice riff in the middle of the song. It has cheesy lyrics, but on an album that’s clutching at straws for positivity, it’s ok.

Bar this, and the vocal-less Betrayal (Act I), the album reeks of the repetitive Nickelback sound, which is the same now as it was back in 2001.

This album has no song original enough to give me the belief that it’s worth getting for the sake of new music.

Whatever you pay for this album, I’d ask for your nickel back.

Overall star rating: 1/5

Songs to play on repeat: For the River, The Betrayal (Act I)