This week we continue our newly released album review with
Katy Perry – Witness

Review: Jamie Read.

When some artists release new work, you can usually second-guess what it’s going to be.

For instance, music by Ed Sheeran would be expected to be a love song featuring a guitar.

There’s no need to create an extended list of artists like this, but I am sure that you could all name one or two.

In days gone by, there have been cases of people thinking they know what kind of music an artist will produce, only for it to be a complete shock when released.

Madonna, David Bowie and now Katy Perry?

The I Kissed a Girl artist has come back with music that you initially might not think is her.

The music on Witness sounds almost original Lady GaGa.

It’s funky, it’s synthy and while pop, it is more out there than something Katy Perry has done before.

The first couple of songs demonstrate this, Witness and Roulette in particular.

Swish Swish, featuring Nicki Minaj,  sounds like a true clubbing song – the kind of track you get down low to.

Despite a more alternative Katy Perry, the music is still so catchy, especially the chorus of Hey, Hey, Hey.

Bon Apepetit uses backing music effectively. The dance sounds mixed with a taste of hip-hop are very current.

The already popular radio release Chained to the Rhythm is probably the most standard Katy Perry pop track on Witness. It’s got a catchy chorus, easy to remember lyrics that are fun to sing along to.

This is certainly a change for one of the stables in British pop.

It’s a welcome change and intriguing to see how Katy Perry, and ultimately her music, has transformed.

Overall star rating: 3.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Witness, Deja Vu, Bon Apeetit, Swish Swish