END OF AN ERA: Town PC Futter retires next week Paul Tibbs

HE HAS helped to keep the streets of King’s Lynn safe for the past 27 years.

However, PC Michael Futter is set to pound the beat one last time on Wednesday as he retires from the police force.

“I will miss the people,” he said. “I talk to hundreds of people during the day. They all know me by my first name – even the villains.”

PC Futter, joined the force in 1990 aged 30, leaving his trade as a builder.

The father-of-two, of West Norfolk, said: “The work ran out. It was a big step joining the force, but I wanted to do something that was exciting and not stuck in one place.”

During his career, PC 579 Futter has worked in the firearms unit and the Royal Protection Squad at Sandringham and Wolferton.

He has also guarded former prime minister Sir John Major at his Weybourne home.

He has also seen the nitty gritty of police life by investigating murder scenes and breaking the news to many that a loved-one has died in tragic circumstances.

He explained what he believes are the skills needed for a career with the police. I think that to be a police officer you need to have reasonable courage as you do come across some violent people. You have also got to be able to talk to people and not be at all biased.”

For the past 10 years though, PC Futter has been chasing shoplifters through the streets of Lynn as town beat manager.

He even had cardboard cut-outs of himself displayed in stores to deter thieves.

From next week, PC Futter should be looking forward to hanging up his well-worn boots and putting his feet up.

However, he plans to do no such thing and said he will look for a job in the building trade with some time for a spot of golf.