HOSPITAL FUTURE: Jon Green wants to build on an already ‘fantastic block’

The new chief executive of the hospital treating West Norfolk people has laid out his strategy for the future of patients and the staff who will be treating them.

Jon Green, the new boss in charge at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn has pledged that he wants to build a three-prong approach to making an already “strong” hospital, even better, outlining that his main concern is to concentrate on making sure his staff deliver “high quality” care in “partnership” with other providers.

Mr Green, who earlier this month, took over from Dorothy Hosein, said this week there was an already existing “strong block to build on”, but he was “excited at the prospect of meeting “challenges” to make sure it is his staff who deliver care.

He said: ”The message I have been putting out is that we want to concentrate on staff, patients and community.

“It is that way very deliberately as I think there needs to be a real focus on staff.

“I have been challenged by people saying everything should be centred around the patients.

“But my point is that the care we deliver for our patients is delivered by our staff.

He also said that “communication” was one of the keys to that success, “breaking down barriers” to how patients and the NHS view the hospital differently.

Mr Green said: “I think that for too long the health service has looked at a hospital as four walls, but we need to break down those walls.

“The high quality care is provided through partnership.

“I believe we deliver far better care with partners in social services, GPs and the third sector.

“I have seen a lot of good stuff here.

“I have watched how staff deal with patients and members of the public on a one-to-one basis.

“ That is fantastic, you can’t create that. That is a fantastic block to build on and that is why I’m excited and pleased to be here.”