NATURE WATCH: Pupils learn about the cycle of life at Ingoldisthorpe school Pictures: Tony Jones

YOUNGSTERS at a West Norfolk school are getting close to nature.

Pupils at Ingoldisthorpe Primary are keeping watchful eyes on a family of blue tits nesting in the school bird box, as well as keeping checks on tadpoles in the pond and caterpillars.

Headteacher Sean Wright said: “The main thrust of the school is outdoor learning in many ways and giving a broad and balanced curriculum.” Pupils have been able to watch the birds via a camera and they have seen the life-cycle process from eggs to now hungry chicks being fed by the parent birds.

“It has been very exciting,” said Mr Wright, who added the children will also follow the cycle of tadpoles to frogs and hope to see the caterpillars turn into butterflies.

“We have been looking at nature, growth and some of the different insects and creatures,” said Mr Wright.

All ages have been involved in the nature watch from the younger pupils, aged three and four, through to the 11-year-olds.