ANGLING: If you are a fisherman or would like to try your hand at fishing, and live in West Norfolk, why not join the Downham Market & District Angling Association?

The association is based around Downham with fishing at Wallington Hall, four estate lakes, clay pit at Denver and the Cuckoo Drain at Stowbridge.

The Association has been awarded a grant of £4,000 from the Environment Agency towards the cost of providing better fishing at Wallington Hall Lake 3.

The money was obtained through the EA Fisheries Improvement Programme, which is funded through rod licence income.

For the past two seasons, the lake has become near impossible to fish due to the excessive growth of weed so the grant will allow the club to install a new sluice in lake 2, so the flow of water into lake 3 is by-passed.

Once this is done, a blue dye can be added to lake 3, which will stop any sun light reaching the bed of the lake and so killing off the weed.

It is hoped that this project will be carried out soon and the dye added before the growing season gets underway.

The association thanked the Environment Agency for the grant and looks forward to working with them on this project and in the future.

l Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery saw 38 anglers catch 124 fish over the week.

Fish have been feeding heavily on little buzzers (the smaller the better) especially during the morning and late evening.

In good fishing conditions there are many more fish feeding on the surface and they are a taking small nymphs, small olive and black dries.

Phil Jewby had the best numbers off the wheelie boat, catching 14 on Sunday, using small black hoppers.

Best bank was Mr Davison with 12 in one session.

A few anglers were trying the fishery for the first time.

The fishery’s new website is now live –

There are several closures over the coming weeks for corporate events. These will be announced on the website and Facebook.

The next restock is due by soon.