WITH Brexit the issue squaring up to dominate the agenda yet again for the next seven weeks, MPs, political activists and YLP readers have given their response to the Prime Minister’s call for a snap General Election.

Vicky Townsend, 34, of North Wootton a legal support officer at QEH: I think it’s too early. The PM should have waited until 2020 because now she’s gone back on her word and now she has it doesn’t give us much hope.”

Marion Mcgee, 60, of King’s Lynn, a housekeeper at Sandringham Hospital: It’s a surprise, but there isn’t much support for Labour at the moment. They are not popular, but people are getting a bit fed up with all now.”

Geoff Hitchcock, 66, of King’s Lynn, a retired timber manager: It’s a shrewd move. I think the PM needs more support than she’s getting at the moment. There’s too much bickering among MPs. She needs a stronger mandate.”

Sue Faithfull, 62, of Watlington, retired: I am fed up with all these elections. It really does your confidence in. The politicians are all going mad. It’s all such a mess now it has become frightening for people.”

Ryan Flegg, 31, of King’s Lynn, a telecommunications worker: In general, I agree with some of the reasons the PM has for choosing an election. It will be good for her, give her more freedom to do the job and help her with other parties.”

Darren Taylor, 51, of King’s Lynn, KL.FM Radio MD and Town Centre Partnership chairman: I welcome the  decision to give people their say. There’s been huge indecision since the Brexit vote and this is a chance to put it to bed.”

Yvonne Moore, 55, of Downham Market, a social services worker: I trust Theresa May. She has her reasons for calling the General Election, but I place my faith in her. I think she is our best option as PM and to get things done.”

Clive Griffin, 56, of Wisbech, a retired firefighter: I suppose, not being a Tory supporter the PM has been clever in doing it, given the support she’s got and the parties not being in the best of order. She’s picked the right moment.”

Shirley Miller, 84, of Stoke Ferry: I think Theresa May is very brave. She has the same sort of feelings as Margaret Thatcher and I am all for her. What she’s done for the country is very good, getting us  moving in the right direction after Brexit.”