ESTUARY TEAM: The view down the Great Ouse from Green Quay with Nick Dubney, inset

SEAFRONT supporters have welcomed a funding boost to improve the coastal paths between King’s Lynn and Holme.

The Government has announced it will pump £302,079 into the area’s Coastal Treasures project to increase ways of enjoying our stretch of coastline, including 15 new walking and cycling routes.

The scheme will link the routes to sites such as Seahenge, the Late Iron Age treasure finds and Roman villa at Snettisham, walks around Hunstanton  and attractions in King’s Lynn, the royal estate at Sandringham and key wildlife locations on the Wash.

The cash injection and resulting additional visitor spending will also mean full-time and temporary jobs in the area and will boost the recently established King’s Lynn Coastal Communities Team.

King’s Lynn borough councillor Cllr Nick Daubney, West Norfolk cabinet member for systems and economic development, said: “We were delighted to learn of this additional investment in West Norfolk.

“This bid fits in the with the coastal communities work that we are involved in.

“We have had a successful bid for Coastal Community Team funding in Hunstanton and another one in King’s Lynn, so it is excellent news that Norfolk County Council has now achieved another successful bid and we congratulate them on their efforts.

“This bid is focused on developing a series of circular walking and cycling routes aimed at encouraging people to explore West Norfolk.

“It brings benefit for  residents improving local quality of life and, of course, will give visitors even more reason to come along and visit our beautiful coastline which will bring further economic benefit to the town.”

The Lynn Coastal Communities Team was established in January after funding of £10,000 was secured to develop an economic plan for the town that will make the most of the town’s heritage and waterfront location after the nationwide scheme was extended to include areas with estuaries.

Named King’s Lynn Renaissance, the group is one of 28 new coastal community teams to be established.

Mike Ruston, vice-chairman of the Hunstanton Coastal Communities Team, also said the latest Government cash boost was “tremendous news”.

He added: “We were told the county council had applied for the grant and now it’s through it’s great news for residents and visitors alike.

“It’s an additional facility and added attraction.

“It means more opportunities for people to enjoy the area.

“We don’t know the real detail yet, although we can expect cycle paths and circular walking routes, but the fact that it supports additional jobs is brilliant for the area.

“Governments over the last 12 years have been concerned about isolated coastal communities so have pro-actively engaged in changing the economic fortunes of areas like Hunstanton and King’s Lynn which has recently formed its own Coastal Communities Team because the scheme has expanded to include estuaries.

“This gives such a lot to King’s Lynn which spills into surrounding areas.

“It puts King’s Lynn further on the map and benefits areas all around. Once you get momentum it builds.”

King’s Lynn Renaissance has been set up to make the most of the town’s heritage and waterfront location, starting with “a comprehensive employer and business needs survey”.

According to the government, the investment is helping coastal tourism regain its position as England’s largest holiday sector, worth £8bn to the economy each year.