CWA principal David Pomfret.

The College of West Anglia  (CWA) has announced it is to withdraw from its role as sponsor of the CWA Academy Trust.

CWA founded the trust in 2010 and it is now a multi-academy trust which supports three secondary and six primary academies.

The change means that  CWA will resign as a member of the trust and new members will be appointed who will decide on a new name and appoint new directors.

A spokesman for the college said the change would not affect the running of individual academies and would not impact on students and staff.

CWA’s principal David Pomfret, who represents CWA’s membership of the trust, said:  “CWA’s involvement with the trust has always been focused on supporting young people and schools in the West Norfolk area and we can offer particular expertise and experience in supporting  transition to post-16 education.

“The trust is planning to take on additional primary schools in the near future and to expand beyond West Norfolk.

“We feel, therefore, that now is an appropriate time for CWA to withdraw and allow the trust to develop further in this direction.”

Dr Duncan Ramsey, chief executive of the CWA Academy Trust, said: “This is an exciting time for the trust and we expect to complete the formalities of appointing new members very soon and will be confirming a new name in the coming weeks.”