This week we continue our newly released album review with
Take That – Wonderland

Review: Jamie Read.

With a chart as diverse as the one presented in 2017, with the likes of Ed Sheeran battling Drake or Stormzy, it seems like Take That timed their new release.

The eighth studio album from the trio was released on Friday, just two days before Mothering Sunday.

Personally, I believe the release of Wonderland was purposefully done with this in mind – trying to get sales from their target market.

For in today’s music scene, Take That cannot keep up.

Times have changed and Wonderland isn’t anywhere as good as previous tracks such as Patience, Beautiful World or Greatest Day.

Gary Barlow stills pulls all the strings here, but with only three members, as opposed to the original five, this lacks.

From the outset of the album, the music is a bit of a damp squib.

Title track Wonderland has an annoying chorus and really doesn’t do Barlow’s voice any favours.

His voice on And the Band Plays has been heavily edited and it takes away any natural feel the song could have had.

However, compared to the vocals of Mark Owen, Barlow’s like a fine wine.

Owen’s vocals on Superstar and River sound like a teenager at a school dance, singing for the first time.

New Day is the worst song. It’s a weird Mumford and Son rip-off with seriously dreadful lyrics.

Both Lucky Stars and Giants are quite good. The upbeat melodies made for some decent, classic pop.

Personally, I was very unimpressed with this release. It’s a poor imitation of the old Take That.

Compared to other artists out now, Wonderland is out-dated, lacking in direction but would have been the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Overall star rating: 1.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Giants, Lucky Stars