MARSHLAND St James Primary School’s youngest pupils have been working together with the great outdoors.

Children from ages three to five all chose the perfect spot to plant some new trees.

The Woodland Trust had donated two packs for the school.

“We explained to the children that the trees will take ages to grow,” said reception teacher Susan Belcher.

“But as they have planted them at a young age, by the time they leave Year 6 they will be able to see how much they have grown over the years.

“The trees will grow with the children. They will be able to tell the younger pupils those are the trees they planted.”

Donned with the school’s waterproofs, the children were able to get their hands dirty and play with the odd worm they came across. “The weather wasn’t particularly nice that day, but they was all wrapped up,” said Mrs Belcher.

She added it was important for children to learn about the environment with a hands-on approach. The children were able to learn about how trees grow and their various features as well as a bit of weeding.

She added: “It was great for the children to have a go at the digging and get muddy. It was a good experience, we all really enjoyed it.”