Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic

Price from: £43,200 OTR

I Believe the original Range Rover is the best 4×4 on the market and has been this way for many years, but this does tend to cause me a bit of a problem every time I test a newer version of this incredible machine.

This is because I always end up writing the same final sentence that I did when I tested the previous model: ‘The Range Rover is utterly brilliant in every single way’. Recently, people have been wanting something a little bit smaller and more economical.

So, for all you people who don’t want a full-size Range Rover, but instead want something a little bit smaller, then you are in luck – because this week I just happen to be testing the Evoque HSE Dynamic.

Power and Efficiency: My test car was fitted with a brilliant 180HP, 2.0L TD4 diesel engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission, along with 430Nm of torque which is more than enough grunt to pretty much pull anything that takes your fancy. Fuel consumption is also good achieving around 49mpg. Flat out you can expect to achieve a max speed of 121mph and a 0-62 time of around 9.7sec. For those of you who are all about emissions – the Evoque easily comes in at around 149g/km, which will also help you save a few more pennies in road tax charges.

On and Off-Road: The Evoque does off-road brilliantly. No matter how rubbish you are on the muddy stuff; it just keeps going. All you really have to do is arrive at a muddy field,   press a few buttons and off you go – it really is that simple. It’s the same when you have the Evoque on the tarmac too.

On the road, the Evoque is a peach to drive. It’s glued firmly to the road without impacting on ride comfort or overall refinement. Like I said, it’s just plain brilliant.

Safety and Technology: The Evoque HSE also comes with a host of significantly enhanced features including: Xenon headlamps; heated windscreen; rain-sensing windscreen wipers; front and rear parking sensors; in control touch navigation with 10.2-in touchscreen; DAB radio; Meridian 10-speaker sound system; lane departure warning; rear view camera, airbags; autonomous emergency braking; terrain response; hill descent control and dynamic stability control. As for the interior, you get nearly everything you’d expect from a full-size Range Rover inside the Evoque. Comfortable and luxurious seating with an interior made from some of the finest quality materials that isn’t in a normal car.

To Sum Up: The Range Rover Evoque is utterly brilliant in every single way.