HOT SEAT: From left, Donna Desborough, David Flux and Clive Galley are gunged by colleagues Picture: Paul Tibbs

STAFF at a West Norfolk insurance broker have raised £10,355 for Comic Relief by gunging their bosses.

By pledging cash, the 900-strong team at Adrian Flux were given the power to decide who was dunked.

The fate of more than 100 managers and supervisors was placed in the hands of their colleagues and on Red Nose Day, 62 were covered in 600 litres of gunge.

Event organiser Donna Desborough, a PA, said: “We’re very proud to have raised so much money through our Gunge the Manager fundraiser.

“Everyone has had a good laugh pledging the cash and then watching the managers get gunged – the atmosphere has been fantastic.”

“I agreed to be gunged if we reached the £5,000 fundraising target. I’m now thinking: ‘Why did I agree to that?’ But all the cash raised is all going towards a great cause.”

Georgina Bishop, an admin team manager at the firm, was among those gunged.

“I thought I was good boss, so I can’t believe I’ve actually been gunged. But my team said that I look good all the time and they wanted to see me not looking my best.

“Even though I feel horrible right now, it’s all for Comic Relief and we’ve had a great time fundraising.”

After being gunged, Leown Bray, customer service floor manager, said: “I only had £3 against my name for a long time, and then the amount went through the roof after I said that I didn’t mind getting gunged.

“That one comment completely backfired on me  but it’s all for a great cause.”

Among those to be gunged was senior partner David Flux.