CRASH VICTIM: Laura Pesterfield died in accident

TWO South Wootton nurses who battled to rescue two young brothers from a crash which claimed the life of their aunt, have been honoured for their bravery.

Emma Simmonds, 34, of Broom Close, and Nicola King, 30, of Stody Drive, will receive a certificate of commendation by the Royal Humane Society.

The collision happened  on the A17 at Terrington St Clement on December 21, 2015.

The car involved, driven by 21-year-old Laura Pesterfield,  of Boston, Lincolnshire, pulled out of Station Road and collided with a lorry.

Her Vauxhall Astra had been carrying Miss Pesterfield’s nephews aged eight and five.

The two nurses, along with Charles Douse, 62, from Grantham, arrived separately at the scene. Miss Pesterfield had died and the trio quickly worked to clear the airways of the boys, who appeared not to be breathing.

They helped manage to stabilise the boys before an ambulance took them to hospital. “They were, put simply, the right people in the right place at the right time,” said Royal Humane Society secretary Dick Wilkinson.

“Tragically, the driver of the vehicle was killed. But, had it not been for the swift action of Mr Douse, Ms King and Ms Simmonds, the final outcome could have been even more tragic.

“We had three people here who arrived at the scene of a horrific crash separately who immediately began to work as a team and thanks to their team work the lives of these young boys were saved.

“They richly deserve the awards they are to receive.”

Mr Douse will receive a Royal Humane Society testimonial on parchment and also a resuscitation certificate.

All three life-savers were nominated by Norfolk Constabulary.

No date has yet been fixed for presentation of the awards.