A SILVER coin dating back almost 600 years was discovered during an archeological dig in Hillington.

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Archeological Society hosted its third annual test pit survey in the village and used the grounds of The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House for a base.

Students from King’s Lynn Academy, Springwood and KES Academy joined in with the dig of seven pits across the village.

Among items uncovered were the silver coin – which has possible links to the Hanseatic League – a jetton dated to the 16th century and a flint cobbled floor dating to the Conquest.

Pottery fragments were also recovered, including Thetford ware dating from 925 to 1100 AD and glazed Grimston ware from 1200 to 1400 AD.

A spokesman said: “Surprisingly, the silver coin is the first of its type recorded in the UK and coincidently dates to the construction of the Hanse House in King’s Lynn.

“One garden produced a little more than expected – a flint cobbled floor dating to the conquest was found in one of the gardens  where test pits were being carried out by the students.” The test pits were supervised by members of the society and Access Cambridge Archeology.