This week we continue our newly released album review with
Mallory Knox – Wired

Review: Jamie Read.

Mallory Knox have always struck me as a band with much untapped potential.

Before the release of the band’s first album Signals, I fell in love with single release Lighthouse.

The music was good and so were the vocals.

They’ve managed to propel themselves onto the radio and to big gig performances.

However, they’re never really taken the charts by storm.

Although this new album tackles a chart which is, thanks to streaming, has a lot more diversity set from popular releases.

From the outset Giving It Up gives the album a good feel. It’s superbly upbeat and the vocals of Mikey Chapman are certainly good listening – sounding a bit Brendon Urie.

I did enjoy this first track, but the music was then fairly similar to the next two, just an almost generic rock tune.

But from there For You and Midnight are different. For You is slow and has a mainstream chorus that’s ideal to listen to. Midnight was my favourite on the album thanks to the blend of vocals, lyrics, drums and guitar.

It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, which means I’m guessing Mallory Knox are big Papa Roach fans.

The one song I took a real distaste to was Better Off Without You. Lyrics and music in the verses, for me, sounded very similar to the chorus of Past Resort by Papa Roach.

After this blip though, you’re back with their original, generic rock.

I enjoyed the release and do like Mallory Knox.

But currently they’ve got half-decent, inoffensive music that could still go onto the next level.

Overall star rating: 3/5

Songs to play on repeat: Giving It Up, For You, Midnight