Vandals have damaged mementoes left at a shrine in honour of  the late West Norfolk street entertainer, Juggling Jim.

The busker, whose real name was Anthony Bowen, died on January 23, aged 62. There was a public outpouring of grief after his death and a procession, followed by a funeral service in King’s Lynn Minster last month, was attended by hundreds of well-wishers.

As part of the tributes, flowers, guitars and juggling items were left at his busking spot in High Street. The shrine was moved to the seating area outside the Wimpy restaurant, where Mr Bowen, who lived in Lynn’s Nelson Street, used to take his breaks.

But now the remaining guitar has been smashed and a Teddy bear and other items stolen.

Children’s entertainer Sally Beadle, who knew Mr Bowen, said: “It’s so disrespectful. The shrine has been slowly destroyed for a while now, but whatever people thought of him, there was no need for this.”

Ms Beadle is hoping there will eventually be a permanent  plaque in Mr Bowen’s memory.