WE’VE all seen the pictures of pop superstar Ed Sheeran sitting in a Range Rover in the video for his hit song Castle on the Hill – but YLP can reveal it’s a very local man who supplied the car.

Rob Marsden, of Terrington St Clement, inset, holding the singer’s new album, met Sheeran  as the singer drove the car on set, above, for the video.

Skater Rob wheels up for star Ed’s castle vid

CLASSIC: Rob Marsden, holding Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, took his Range Rover down for Sheeran’s home town Framlingham Castle video shoot Picture: Tony Jones

CAR-MAD entrepreneur Rob Marsden has spoken about his ‘wheely’ great time providing a classic Range Rover for pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

Mr Marsden, 42, of Terrington St Clement, who owns 50 classic Range Rovers, received a phone call out of the blue from Atlantic Records asking if he had a “suitable and available” car for a pop video shoot – but wasn’t told who for.

A few days later he was taking an Oxford blue, 25th Anniversary Range Rover on a trailer down to near Framlingham in Suffolk, where early in the morning he was introduced to Ed Sheeran, 25, who was preparing to shoot the video for his chart hit Castle on the Hill.

Framlingham is Sheeeran’s home town and Framlingham Castle is the one the singer is referring to in the track.

Mr Marsden told YLP: “We turned up on location after taking the car down on a trailer as it is too expensive to drive.

“A bespoke film company started shooting with my vehicle on a low loader with lights and camera gear  on board. Ed turned up and we had a good chat.

“He’s a lovely fella, very professional and he got on with his business. He’s very impressive to watch and also the filming, how it is all made. It was a great experience all round. Ed asked me a few things about me, my business and my cars.

“I joked with him not to get my car muddy as they were filming in quite a muddy field and at the end he apologised if he had made a mess.”

Avid skateboarder, Mr Marsden, who owns and lives in Bowl House – where he has an indoor skate bowl and holds skate parties most Wednesdays – showed Ed some video clips of the parties.

“He thought it was all pretty cool,” said Mr Marsden. “Ed’s one of us really. He would fit in really well at Bowl House on a Wednesday.”

The Range Rover used in the shoot was the 23rd off the production line in the last 25 first generation Range Rovers ever made in February 1996.

It is a 3.1litre, V8 automatic, and is just one of 50 Mr Marsden owns at his company, Classic Range Rover.

Mr Marsden, who has a partner, Laura, 36, has had a passion for the vehicles since he was a 16-year-old mechanics apprentice for Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar.

He said: “I’ve had them in my blood for years. I get used to looking at new ones coming in and started saying to myself ‘I could see me in one of them’.  Now I have 50 of them and it’s getting a bit out of hand.

“I restore them, but I am loathe to pass them on. I seek perfection in restoring them and I have also now moved on to high end restoration on cars for customers. Now I am going to have a  sale of my own and clear a few of mine out.”

All of Mr Marsden’s models are first generation Range Rovers, built between 1973 and 1996.

He said: “Taking the car down for Ed is a bit out of my normal line of work, but it was great and I would do it again even though we were on set for 7.30am.

“With Range Rovers I know exactly how they are supposed to look.”

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