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Ed Sheeran – Divide

Review: Jamie Read

ED Sheeran has controlled the charts since his single releases of Castle on the Hill and Shape of You.

His music is addictive and very relatable, it is an effective style.

These two singles had music which was catchy and lyrics that are particularly emotive.

Castle on the Hill is Ed Sheeran reminiscing about growing up, his hometown and  friends. For many, Ed’s story will be similar to their own life.

Past these two fantastic single releases is a set of new songs. However, I was left disappointed.

It may well be an unpopular opinion, but should Divide really be seen as a ground-breaking, fantastic album?

I believe that if this was any other artist, whose name didn’t carry such influence in the UK charts, people would not be listening to it in droves.

The popular tracks which have dominated the singles chart since their release conceal a rather bland and meek set of album tracks.

Eraser starts with clunky vocals, with Ed singing in a manner that sounds like he’s just talking.

New Man seems to follow a similar style to many of his tracks – upbeat guitar and quick lyrics.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here is slow, so slow. If only the lyrics about a new romance bursting into life could be said for the song itself.

Perfect and Galaway Girl are two very good tracks, the latter has Irish folk music which lifts the album.

Divide is still a worthwhile listen, but when you consider it comes from, arguably, one of the world’s biggest pop stars, it is a let down.

My opinion on this album may, ironically, divide people, but after the successes of the wonderful single releases, this is not on the same level.

Overall star rating: 2.5/5

Songs to play on repeat: Castle on the Hill, Shape of You, Perfect, Galway Girl