Members of Watlington Badminton Club, including John Church (back left) and Frances Raynor (centre, WNCS), Janis Baker (coach) and Norma Bowen (WNCS).

BADMINTON: Members of West Norfolk Community Sports (WNCS) went to Watlington Badminton Club to see where they had spent a grant from the West Norfolk Sports Council.

Junior members of the club showed off their skills with equipment bought with the money. WNCS chairman Charlie Lankfer was impressed with the set-up and said it was great to see so many youngsters actively enjoying their sport.

With the retirement of Paul Brandon and Roger Partridge, who had been instrumental in setting up the Sports Council, the committee decided it was the right time to have a rebrand and the group is now known as WNCS, made up of a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sport, particularly in West Norfolk.

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