A pensioner from Kent has been reunited with two family members, thanks to Your Local Paper.

Eighty-six-year-old John Harris, of Birchington, lost touch with his niece Margaret Harris almost 30 years ago until an appeal for information in YLP led to contact being made within a few days.

Margaret was living in Downham Market and her son, Noel, in Walsingham when Mr Harris lost touch in 1989 following the death of his brother, Tommy, who was Margaret’s father.

Tommy Harris lived in Downham and both he and his wife are buried in the town’s cemetery.

Mr Harris’ appeal on our letters page of January 20 was spotted by a reader who got in touch with Noel, who lives near Heathrow.

As a result, Noel contacted Mr Harris and the two have since met. Mr Harris was also put in touch with his niece who lives at Fakenham.

“It was a great surprise to him and a big surprise for me. I didn’t really hold out much hope,” said a delighted Mr Harris.

“I am more than grateful, I really do appreciate it,” said Mr Harris, who found Your Local Paper after an internet search at his library.

“It turned up King’s Lynn media and came up with your paper. There were other papers around Downham Market but I thought I would try you first. It was fairly swift, no longer than 10 days when I heard, I really couldn’t believe it, it just shows the power of the press,” he said.

“I have met Noel, but not Margaret yet, but I have spoken to her and we are all in close contact.

“Most of my close relatives are dead and I wondered whatever became of Margaret. I knew she had a son and I just thought I would try to see if I could find out where they were.

“I used to visit my brother when he lived in Downham Market. He moved from London. We kept in touch, but he died and his wife died before him in 1974 as a result of an accident,” said Mr Harris.