Hair today, gone tomorrow for Isis Ibbetson-Brookes, top left with brother Eben, centre and right having had the full shave. Inset, left, with hairdresser Lucy Frost, dad Richard, Eben and mum Shelley. Pictures: Tony Jones.

Two West Norfolk youngsters have had their locks chopped off to help other children.

Six-year-old Alice Wilson, of King’s Lynn, donated a plaited 12-inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust while nine-year-old Isis Ibbetson-Brookes, of Heacham, not only had her seven-inch plaits cut off, but had her head shaved with a number one clip.

Stylist Jenna Lincoln with new-look Alice Wilson and mum, Rebecca Powell. Pictures of Alice Wilson: Kevin Elfleet.

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free for boys and girls across the UK who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

As well as donating their hair, the girls have, between them, raised enough to have three wigs made as each wig costs between £350 and £500.

More than 70 people gathered at Heacham Social Club on Tuesday to watch family friend and hairdresser Lucy Frost carry out Isis’ head shave.

Afterwards,  mum Shelley Brookes said: “I couldn’t be prouder.”

She said a few tears were shed by the supporters at the club.

“Her short hair really suits her. She looks like Sinead O’Connor (the singer),” said Miss Brookes.

She said that in November, Isis said she wanted to have her head shaved for charity. “She insisted and insisted so I said let’s get Christmas over first and I thought she would forget about it.  But on January 4 she said it again and we went on the internet and found The Little Princess Trust.

“I set up a Virgin Justgiving page and we have raised more than £800 with more still to come in.”

Miss Brookes said friends Alison and Jeremy Marriott, who run Heacham Social Club, and their customers had helped to raise money and more was due to be collected next week.

Invitations to Isis’ headshave were sent to her school friends and fellow Brownies at the 3rd Hunstanton group and several came to support her along with her dad, Richard Ibbetson and brother, Eben, six.

Miss Brookes said she also checked with the school’s headteacher before allowing her daughter to go ahead with the close cut.

“She has been really excited to get it done,” said Miss Brookes who added she was shocked when Isis suggested the idea.

“I was shocked, but it was just her dream and she was absolutely sure,” she said. Alice, a pupil at Lynn’s Whitefriars Primary Academy, is now sporting shoulder-length hair, after stylist Jenna Lincoln at the town’s No. 4 Salon in High Street donated her services for free on Saturday.

As well as having her hair cut, Alice also raised more than £450 towards a wig.

Her mum Rebecca Powell said: “Alice has always had long hair and I have always said if she ever wanted to get it cut it would be her decision. She kept coming to me asking if she could have it done and I said why don’t we get it cut a few inches at a time? She said no she wanted it cut, then I said why don’t we do it for this?

“We were reading through the information they sent which said how much it costs to make a wig and she said if she was going to have it cut could she give some money to make a wig?”

Ms Powell set up a Justgiving page online. Donations have been made from family and friends.

Ms Powell said Alice’s new style should make life easier as her daughter is a keen swimmer and gymnast and a member of the town’s Dolphins Swim School and King’s Lynn Gymnastics Club.