Lost Acrtic seal visits on long journey home


Experts believe an Arctic seal found at Snettisham in a rare encounter may have taken a wrong turn.

A walker came across the large seal on January 28 and Nathaniel Stephenson from Hunstanton Sealife Sanctuary was called out.

Investigations revealed it was a Harp seal called Summer which had been rescued in the Neatherlands in October.

Harp seals live in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, so the team believes Summer may have got lost on her long journey home following her release on January 18.

Mr Stephenson said: “We thought this was going to be just your normal call-out, however it was clearly not your normal common or grey seal that we find along the Norfolk coastline.

“This seal appeared to be in good condition and seemed to be resting, though this seal was one-and-a-half times the size of our largest resident seal, Sally, who weighs 100kg.

“This is truly a rare sighting as the last Harp seal they encountered was over 10 years ago and they didn’t expect such a special guest any time soon.”

The sanctuary would like to hear from anyone who spots the seal so it can be tracked. Call Kieran Copeland on 01485 533576.