Successful Pro Martial Arts students from King’s Lynn and Hunstanton.

MARTIAL ARTS: Thirty students from Pro Martial Arts Schools’ Hunstanton and King’s Lynn clubs gained a 100 per cent record at a grading at the North Lynn Discovery Centre.

The students were put through their paces by Norfolk regional instructor Ed Scholes (3rd dan black belt) under the watchful eye of chief instructor and grading examiner Garreth Jones (6th dan black belt).

All were successful and were awarded their belts.

Students grade at their local clubs as they progress towards being awarded their 1st dan black, when they travel to Grantham to be examined by the principal of the Professional Kickboxing Association, Mike Haig.

Pro Martial Arts Schools offer safe, friendly and effective training to anyone over the age of seven and classes are held in Hunstanton, Lynn and Wisbech.

They are non-contact with additional sparring classes on offer. The schools have more than 40 clubs with about 1,500 students training.

Juniors only classes are held in Lynn and Wisbech.

For more details, contact Ed Scholes, 0793 2962397