Youngsters from St Michael’s Academy enjoy their new playground. Pictures: Tony Jones.

Excited pupils at St Michael’s Academy couldn’t wait to try out a new playground area at the South Lynn school yesterday.

Work started just before half-term to revamp a mainly grassy area and turn it into an outdoor space which could be used by pupils of all ages.

The area was unveiled yesterday and Jane Perham, the school’s business manager, said the children were eager to try out the new facilities.

The area now boasts a story chair and other seating, a sandpit, sensory path with a bridge and a stage.

It has also been resurfaced and part of the area has new markings for games.

Miss Perham said the children were “desperate to get out there”.

She said staff had spoken to pupils about how they would like the  area developed.

Miss Perham, who has been involved with the project alongside headteacher Mrs Emma Scarisbrick, said the children would be able to have classes outside in the summer around the story chair.