Mark Roberts with his 37lb 6oz mirror carp from Nar Valley Fisheries’ Lake Geneva.

ANGLING: All the lakes at Nar Valley Fisheries are performing well, with good quality fish popping up everywhere.

A short overnight session on Lake Geneva proved successful for Mark Roberts. He tempted his fourth 30lb-plus carp of the season from the complex with a superb mirror of 37lb 6oz.

Lake Geneva is now open to the entire membership and a few standard night and day only-permits are available from local tackle shops.

Pike anglers fancying some early season sport can join a fly, spinner and lure only roving pike match at Hobbs Lake tomorrow, 9am.

Contact Chris Newell, 01553 636507, for details.

λ An excellent weekend of fishing was enjoyed at Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery.

Several anglers caught multiple fish with the best of the weekend going to Martin Smith.

He caught a 6lb rainbow on a black snake.

Blobs, nymphs, damsels and dancers have also being used successfully.

With water temperature dropping, conditions are improving rapidly.