Greyfriars Primary School pupils taking part in a production of Wind in the Willows. Pictures: Tony Jones.

Ratty, Mr Toad and Mole were just some of the characters pupils dressed as during a special topic day at Greyfriars Primary School in King’s Lynn.

Children donned various animal costumes in celebration of classic tale The Wind in the Willows last Thursday.

Once every half-term, staff organise a Brain-Bending-Bash day with pupils choosing a topic related to the curriculum to which the day is dedicated.

Assistant headteacher for the school, Claire Emery, said: “It was brilliant. The children came out of their timetable for the day so they could immerse themselves in the topic.

“Next time it will be a day about authors and another will be about maths.”

During the day, the pupils were treated to a Wind in the Willows performance by the Image Musical Theatre group.

“All the children, from reception to year 6, got involved and took part in different activities,” said Mrs Emery.

“They were also able to participate in the production.”